About Us

Our Vision

Our vision at The Family Psychology Clinic is to strengthen every family that we work with. We aim to do this through providing excellent psychological support for every family who attends the clinic.

Our core values at The Family Psychology Clinic all align with our mission of strengthening families. These include:

  • Recognising the importance of families not just for families themselves but for the whole of society.
  • Upholding the value of children as people. We recognise that children are people at different stages of development who require our respect and careful leadership.
  • We value conducting our work in partnership with families and other support workers, and conducting our work with creativity and excellence.

What We Do

We offer the following services at our clinic:

  • A wide range of evidence-based therapies for children, teenagers, young adults and their families.
  • Assessments for a range of childhood difficulties including learning disorders, mood disorders, autism spectrum disorders, behaviour disorders and gifted and talented assessments.
  • Seminars and educational workshops for parents, teachers and care-givers.
Astronaut girl illustration depicting The Family Psychology Clinic's vision - to strengthen every family they work with.